Re: Evince as universal "Viewer"

Your list is a good start at a mission statement for evince.  And I
think such a statement would put threads like this to rest.

You say it's a document viewer that focuses on linear navigation. 
That seems fairly good to me.

I think it will help to say that evince is not merely a "PDF viewer". 
It potentially deals in any document type that lends itself to linear

And, maybe obvious, it is a viewer, not an editor, of said documents.

I'm just throwing some criteria around.  But setting some criteria
down is a good idea, IMO.  I've been wondering for a while myself what
evince *is* to its creators.


On 19 Apr 2005 13:43:02 -0400, Jonathan Blandford <jrb redhat com> wrote:
> Here are some big differences:
>  * images have a 'natural' size.  Evince assumes the document can be
>    viewed at any size, which is often really wrong for images.
>  * evince's navigation is centered around going linearly through a
>    document -- eog is based on random access to an image.  eg, a good
>    default for an image would be to zoom it to fit so you can see the
>    whole thing.  For a document, you want to be zoomed in to a readable
>    size, which might not show the whole doc.
>  * eog always has the source image around, and can do neat tricks while
>    scrolling/zooming.  Evince has to do an entirely different set of
>    tricks.
>  * evince caches a different set of images than eog does.
>  * documents will have a different set of metadata than images and
>    photos do.
> There are also few user visible gains to be had from merging the
> projects.  There's already sharing of code and ideas between the various
> projects (such as the full-screen mode, etc).  Lets let Jens continue to
> make a kick-ass image viewer, and let the evince team focus on making a
> good document viewer.
> Thanks,
> -Jonathan
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