Re: Evince as universal "Viewer"

Having a PDF viewer that is *really good* at
displaying/searching/browsing/whatever a PDF is worth more to me than
an application that displays multiple types of documents *ok*.

And what if that "uber-app" does *all* the functions really good?

I am a proponent of having an "uber image viewer" because it greatly improves ease-of-use and consistency; as users are presented with the same interface whether they open a .jpg, .png, or .pdf. Barely anyone edits .pdf files, so I guess that that's the reasoning by Apple to integrate pdf viewing into the image viewer application.

I simply find it very annoying to be running different apps for both .pdf and .jpg/.png.etc files.

How nice would it be to get rid of those three menu entries and nicely pack them into one app? eog, gthumb and <insert pdf reader> could be replaced with a simple "Viewer". Makes more sense to me. Also note that ordinary users will not ecnounter long pdf files with only text; they'll have .doc for that. They'll mostly use it for very graphical manuals and product announcements and such.

And then looking ahead, I think Evince is the best candidate.

Thom Holwerda
Main news posting guy at, bringing you the OS/Computer news that really matters

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