Re: Creating a TortoiseSVN clone in perl-GTK2.

Gavin Henry wrote:

Dear all,

I would like to read some documentation on adding items to the right-click
menu on the gnome desktop.

I have been to the devel doc site, but there is so much to read, that I have
taken the shortcut and asked here. Sorry. ;-)

I about to start work with perl-GTK2, to create a TortoiseSVN clone for gnome.
I can't seem to find something similiar, so I want to start one.
It isn't in Perl, but the closest thing to TortoiseSVN for Gnome is the nautilus-vcs module in CVS (which provides roughly the same features as TortoiseCVS).

Whether you'll be able to implement something like it in Perl will depend on whether the Perl GTK bindings allow you to write Nautilus extensions (the gtk-perl-list mailing list would probably be a good place to ask).


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