GUADEC - new sessions


GUADEC is just around the corner, and we're slowly starting to finalize
the GUADEC schedule for Stuttgart. The current schedule is available
here -

You'll notice that we have some new things to try out at this years

Lightning Talks
These are sessions giving people an opportunity to talk about their pet
project, or peeve, for a short space of time, preferably between 2-5
minutes. We tried these out at the Boston summit last year, and it
proved to be quite successful. If you're interested in presenting
something, register yourself at
We'll cram as many of you into an hour as possible - expect some crazy
laptop swapping action!

Freeform Sessions
Much of the planning and discussion at GUADEC happens outside the formal
organized set of talks, whether over some dinner, or beer. While this is
quite often the most effective way when progress needs to be made, it's
also an indication that there are too many talks at GUADEC. This year is
no exception. However, it's also hard for new developers to get involved
in the planning. We're looking for visionary people to lead these
sessions, ideally from the core group of GNOME developers [you know who
you are].

We have 3 sessions available in the current schedule, with 1 already
taken up with Marketing GNOME, and our very own Luis Villa. We're
looking for reasonably general topics, or problem areas that we need to
discuss. If you think you have what it takes, start thinking and send
your ideas to guadec-planning gnome org  Each session will go off,
brainstorm, and report back to a big group session at the end of the day
on their findings, or solutions.

GUADEC needs you - share the love!


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