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Luca Cavalli a écrit :
On Sun, 10 Apr 2005 09:57:24 -0700
Rob Adams <readams readams net> wrote:


Attach your patch to that bug.


On Sun, 2005-04-10 at 18:46 +0200, Topaz wrote:
I'm looking for a metacity devel list, but I didn't found one, so I
post here. Is such a list existing ?
If not, here is my question, I have designed a magnetic side &
border system for metacity, it's working well and so I thought that
it is a nice feature to add to metacity. But before I got to know
if it can be accepted and how to add it to the Gnome project.

Thanks a lot

my current metacity (but also older ones) already has magnetic window
movement, just hit 'shift' key while drag the title bar (or 'alt'+drag
the whole window).
In fact, my attraction is smoother than the 'shift key' one, window can be attracted by other windows or by screen border. Moreover the attraction gap is gconf controlled.
So this is why I thought it is an improvement.

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