Re: gnome-screensaver 0.0.2

Christian said:

> > This new version splits out the lock dialog to run as a subprocess, adds > user switching via GDM, and removes the GTK+ dependency from all but the > separate lock dialog. It still depends on a fairly small amount of GDK. > > > > Does anyone think this is interesting enough to import into CVS or worth > continuing?

I was wondering, what's the current state of this tool?
I tried it out quickly, and the screenies[1] rock :)
What's the TODO list, and will you push it to GNOME CVS?

Yes please; GNOME desperately needs a localizable/translateable screen
locking dialog, and it needs to be in GNOME CVS in order for GNOME
translators to be able to work on it.

Jon, is there anything we can do to help you import it?


This dialog is still totally inaccessible, which was one of the sore points about xscreensaver and one of the motivations for creating a separate front-end.

So before we adopt it, I urge that we forge a plan to make it accessible; this would of course require adding at least an ATK dependency.
best regards,

- Bill

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