Re: new GLADE UI proposal

	Have you take a look at gazpacho? It's glade-like application written
in python:

	IMHO a RAD tool intregrating UI design and programming environement
should be the main goal for GNOME 2.A (you know it won't be 2.10, don't

	With GNOME 1.0 we got a free Desktop for hackers (KDE was not free at
that time)
	With GNOME 2.0 we got a free Desktop for normal users (in that point my
mum began to use it)
	With GNOME 2.A we should get a friendly Desktop for normal people
wanting to do fast an easy applications (and right now is really hard to
develop a simple application using GNOME). Quoting someone: "developers,
developers, developers"

	does anyone know the status of anjuta and glade-3? do we need a new
project or just integration?


El jue, 23-09-2004 a las 18:14 +0200, Vladimir Djokic escribi� 	good days,
> 	developers. it's a shame that main ui of app for creating .glade ui is
> not so good. i have a `just-a-5-minute-hack` proposal at:
> 	main is the toolbox with gtk+ (main & additional) widgets and gnome
> (with gnome & gnomedb) widgtes
> 	after that comes widget properties/widget tree (and forgot to add tab
> for) window list.
> 	comments, ideas (Eugenia?), something...?
> 	bye,
> 	vladeck.

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