Re: Goals for 2.10 - desktop-wide profiling

<quote who="Maciej Katafiasz">

> So, getting to the point, what I'd absolutely love seeing done in 2.10
> timeframe is desktop-wide, coordinated effort to profile and optimize
> entire GNOME, so that 450MHz w/ 64MB scenario becomes reasonable[4] to run
> GNOME on.

Perhaps this would be assisted by establishing a performance or optimisation
team, who can write docs on how to fix stuff, find common mistakes we can
all fix, and figure out if/how normal users can help them with (useful and
accurate!) performance analysis/comparison.

Are you interested in taking this on? I know Soeren has a particular skill
at this kind of stuff, perhaps you can both put together a GNOME high
performance A-TEAM? :-)

- Jeff

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