Re: Regarding a new default theme

This theme looks very complicated to implement in code.

If we want a modern theme for Gnome, it will have to be somewhat complicated. Half-an-hour efforts won't yield any major "wows" regarding how the unix desktop looks to new users. Besides, I already suggested that this theme should be half pixmap and half with an engine. Depends what buys you more speed/eyecandy in each case/widget.

But I forgive you
because you're not a programmer :-)

I am not a GTK+ programmer per se, if that's what you mean. Also, I don't do C anymore (C# and .NET is my thing nowdays (yes, I am looking at Mono too ;-), with an unfortunate downgrade to PHP daily, because of OSNews). But, the real problem is, there is no real documentation on how to implement a theme from A to Z, you have to dive into Bluecurve's and GTK+'s code to get anything done as complicated as Butter.

 All this could be done with the pixmap engine, but of course it will
be slower and a more memory hungry, like all pixmap themes.

See above. Plus, as I also wrote in my first email, changes and optimizations need to be done to GTK+ too about this. In fact, there are some pixmap themes today that trigger some bugs on GTK+ that make scrollbars _very_ slow. Stuff like that, need to be fixed on the GTK level.

 And the
pixmap engine works by scaling predefined images to fit the widgets'
area, therefore it doesn't yield as precise results.

If OSX can look as good, I am sure that we can put something together that will have a good result.

 An alternative would be to implement this with an svg engine that is
reasonably fast.  Another alternative will be, in the (hopefully near)
future, to use cairo.

Nice ideas for the future, but not for the 2.10 timeframe.

 Otherwise, I aplaud your efforts.  It is a very pleasant theme mockup.


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