Moving dot files to ~/.etc

The bugsquad suggested that I post this to desktop-devel, since only
bugsquad read the "general" category on bugzilla.

As a low-priority wish-list improvement, I've always wanted to move dot
files to ~/.etc, or some similar directory.

It's not a terribly difficult move, since programs can look for ~/.blah
if ~/.etc/blah is not present.  (At least for a few versions, until the
deprecated location is eventually removed.)  But, it is annoying since many
packages need to be touched.

My sense of aesthetics may be very different from everyone elses, but the
huge number of dot files in ~ has subconsciously bugged me for a while.  If
GNOME apps switched, it would provide impetus for others to follow.

Thanks for thinking about it!

p.s.  Here's the bug I orginally posted:

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