Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

Does PolyAudio play well with alsa's software mixing plugin?
I have two machines here that use the AC97 and i8xx alsa drivers and none of these cards have mixing in hardware. Therefore, myself and a many-many others, have to use the "dmix" alsa plugin and then name it "default" so well-written alsa apps (not all) would play well when other apps require audio too. ESD works with this (more info here: ).

Does Polyaudio automatically detects that it needs to use a special alsa device instead of alsa directly, in order to provide software mixing and allow more than 1 app at the time to use the audio? If yes, would it play well if the user loads a KDE app or an SDL game at the same time gnome with polyaudio is loaded? What about a gstreamer app? If not, polyaudio would be a major step back for many users today... Mixing needs to work transparently across the board in the cases where no hardware mixing is available...


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