Re: Thinking about the tasklist

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 14:53 -0400, Benjamin Kahn wrote:
> Actually, I didn't touch that part of the code.  I was simply talking
> about the padding between the icon and the text.  (And the icon and the
> left and right tasklet borders.)

Sounds good.

> > Icon theme bug? Or failure to use icon theme correctly?
> The icon is embedded in the tasklist directly.  It isn't using icon
> themes at all.  That's probably the real bug here, but I'm not sure what
> the right theme icon would be.

Probably need to make up a new icon name.

> > There's a g_set_application_name(), having apps call that is the right
> > fix (it's why I added g_set_application_name())
> > 
> > I think it would also be neat to have apps load their own desktop file
> > at startup and set the app name, their icon, etc. from that desktop
> > file. We used to have that back in the GNOME 1.x day I think.
> I'm not as worried about GNOME applications as I am about non-GNOME
> applications.  OpenOffice, Firefox, and old UNIX applications seem to
> set terrible WM_CLASS strings.  I'd love to never see firefox-bin and
> soffice.bin in any user visible places.

We can fix those to set an app name, though.

non-GNOME apps are sort of a lost cause on this dimension - they have
hundreds of little UI inconsistencies, so you can't really put a big
dent in the overall list. But if we care about some specific one it
isn't so hard to fix that one. In particular this one is just adding the
one g_set_application_name() line, should not be too hard.


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