gnome screensaver


I started writing a GNOME screensaver based on xscreensaver. It is triggered by idleness or dbus events on the session bus. Idleness is defined as lack of keyboard and mouse events for the display. For now, I have decided not to implement XIDLE, or the SGI and MIT extensions. They don't appear to be very well supported anymore.

I have tried to minimize and isolate the use of raw X11. To this end I have only half implemented the virtual root stuff. Instead, it is much easier to set the XSCREENSAVER_WINDOW environment variable that all recent screenhacks recognize.

It uses g_option so you will need a recent version of GTK+.

I haven't bundled any screenhacks at this point. Also, I don't have any plans to support the .xscreensaver file. It uses GConf instead. However, there is no configuration front end for this yet.

One of the main goals is to add GDM user switching functionality similar to that of James Cape's user-selector-applet.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. You may want to disable any other screensavers before you play with this...


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