Re: Thinking about the tasklist

Havoc Pennington writes:

> I've always expected more people to write their own window nav and pager
> applets but I guess it isn't cool anymore. ;-)

I guess it's become so hard that people just give up.  I've tried to
do it*, it cost me at least about 10 times more effort than with any
other window manager I used, and it still doesn't work.

It's a too well kept secret how to bind keys to something more useful
than an external command and extend window manager functionality.

For example, how would you translate these elementary custom sawfish
window nav commands to Metacity

  (bind-keys window-keymap "KP_Add" 'maximize-window-vertically-toggle)

  (defun windows-of-name (name)
    (filter (lambda (w) (string-match name (window-name w))) (managed-windows)))
  (bind-keys global-keymap "M-TAB" '(focus-window (car (windows-of-name "keywise"))))

Guile bindings for GNOME 2.8, including my libwnck wrapper, are
currently in prerelease, and IWBN if we could use that to extend
Metacity in a practical way, and ship an example for people to use.




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