Re: Thinking about the tasklist

2004.10.19, Benjamin Kahn:
>       * The tasks are sized according to the amount of text in window
>         titles. Because applications which change their window titles
>         frequently are very common, (Terminal, Mozilla, Red Carpet,
>         etc.) this means that task sizes will often be changing sizes.
>         Obviously if there is a lack of space for all the tasks, the
>         tasks should be shrunk so they all fit. But they should not grow
>         and shrink according to window titles. Additionally, if the
>         tasklist is rotated into a vertical panel, the tasklist height
>         is wrong since the text isn?t rotated. Bug 155870 Bug Patch

Oh, this one is easy to fix. Put a large minimum size (e.g. the space
in the panel for the tasklist) and the tasklist will behave like the
old GNOME 1.4 tasklist: using all the space and spliting it as new
applications show up.

(I did it till GNOME 2.6. Then I just left the way it is).

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