Re: Speed improvement of gnome-terminal

Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun COM> writes:

> I suspect that the biggest performance boost that you could get out
> of gnome-terminal would be to improve the way it interacts with the
> Xserver.  I was recently working with the SunRay team and one of their
> benchmarks showed that xterm used an average bandwidth consumption of
> 2kbs while gnome-terminal used an average of 35-38kbs.

FWIW, this was the first thing I checked when I looked at vte a while
back, and it didn't seem to be doing this. The way I checked was to
cat a large file and then check that the number of characters rendered
was approximately the same as the number of characters in the file.  I
could have missed something though.

If it actually is the case that it re-renders everything on every
scroll, then certainly that is the first thing to fix.


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