Re: gedit branched

Il giorno gio, 14-10-2004 alle 01:10 +0200, Danilo Šegan ha scritto:
> Yesterday at 12:43, Paolo Borelli wrote:
> > gedit has been branched for gnome 2.8. The "gnome-2-8" should now be
> > used for stable changes, while developement of the 2.9 series will take
> > place on HEAD.
> There doesn't seem to be "gnome-2-8" branch? Have you perhaps created
> "gedit-2-8" branch instead (that one exists)? 
> It would be best to alias gnome-2-8 there, but I'm not sure how's
> that done with CVS.

Yes, it is my fault :(

I misnamed the branch by mistake while following the cvs page on that says "cvs tag -b [module/project]-[MAJOR]-

If someone has a good suggestion on how to fix it, I'm all for it.

On irc people suggested that it's not worth the trouble. In that case
please update the i18n page to say "gedit-2-8" branch. I'll take care of
updating jhbuild.


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