Re: Not OK computer:/// [was Re: Should Desktop = Home?]

 --- Gabriel Bauman <gabe bravenet com> wrote: 
> Actually, you're incorrect. In a Nautilus location box, try typing
> "computer:///". Now try typing "computer:". There is no difference here
> - both specify exactly the same protocol. The "///" actually refers to a
> *path* to be accessed via the "computer" protocol. This is all exactly
> in line with the RFC.
> For your reference, have a look at
> section 2.1, where the simplest valid form of a URL is defined as  
> 	<scheme>:<scheme-specific-part>
> It is entirely up to the scheme (protocol) to define what appears in the
> scheme-specific part... that is, everything after the colon. Try typing
> about:plugins in Mozilla.

But see, this only makes sense and would be relevant if the stuff that gnome-vfs 
calls URI-s were really that. Except they aren't. Calling them URIs is just 
a shorthand and mostly derives from historic reasons (and confusions). 

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