Re: Using python + pygtk in Desktop modules

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 16:34 +0100, Sander Vesik wrote:

> The gcc c++ abi instablity is a *MAJOR* PITA. It would be very nice to have 
> c++ bindings in the platform, but as things stand it just doesn't make sense. 
> Having a platform component that regularily breaks on all supported platforms
> except Solaris would be ... quite bizzare, honestly. 

Perhaps mandate that, on Linux, the C++ bindings have to be provided in
(at least) the now LSB 2.0 mandated C++ ABI (the GCC 3.3.4 version of
the ABI, iirc).  If the bindings are to be provided in the latest and
greatest GCC ABI *as well*, for distro provided applications, that's

This is an example of how ELF and the Linux linker kind of suck - they
have no way to distinguish between libraries with the same exported
interface but different compiled ABIs, so you have to use weird hacks to
get both installed and usable at once.  It's something that can be
fixed, if the linker/libtool/etc developers were motivated to do so, at
least.  Linux isn't the OS that suffers from this, but also other OSes
using GCC on i386, or with wacky libc developers.

::sigh:: There are just so many areas where GNU and Linux need to get
kicked in the ass and get in shape before the usability problems with
getting and updating software will be fixed.  One step at a time,
though, right?  ;-)

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