Re: Revisiting the GNOME Panel in general...

> Also, an additional reason for OS X marking the app icons on the
> launcher when running is because, unlike GNOME, the apps do not shut
> down when the last window closes.  GNOME doesn't have *any* need for
> identifying running apps on the panel.
> Please let's not copy this mistake of Apple's.

I would also add that there's no significant visual difference between
app launchers and tasks which of course opens up a whole can of worms
with usability. NextStep at least had two different toolbars for
differentiating them but what we already have in windows and Gnome is
far clearer and better. 

I think its essential that we maintain a strong visual difference
between the two to avoid confusing users and for me the Looking Glass
way of displaying a minature copy of the running window as the icon for
the task is the best I have seen for that purpose.


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