Polypaudio action plan


I'd like to propose a simple plan of action for GNOME on Polypaudio,
distilled from the previous thread.

1) Remove all usage of esound from libgnome and associated applications,
   and replace it with GStreamer where possible
1a) Where not possible (gnome_audio_connection_get), a compile-time
    option is provided for systems desiring esound compatibility
2) Enhance GStreamer to provide a sample ding caching abstraction
3) Drop esound from the official platform; or perhaps "strongly
4) Make GStreamer the only sound API for GNOME; official 
   Platform/Desktop modules are not allowed to require anything else
5) Give a link in the release notes to Polypaudio and/or esound for
   systems in need of a sound daemon
6) Participate in dancing in the streets due to demise of esound

Is there anyone who disagrees with this plan?  

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