Re: what's going on with menus?

Am Di, den 18.05.2004 um 18:13 Uhr +0100 schrieb Mark McLoughlin:
> Hey,
> 	In case people are wondering what's going on with GNOME and the new
> menu spec[1] etc., here's what the plan is looking like:
> [...]
>   5) Write a simple menu editor for the panel which allows you to
>      enable/disable menu items - it would just generate a .menu file in
>      .config with a set of <Include>/<Exclude>s[2].
>      The idea here is that editing the layout of the menus without 
>      exposing the nature of the vfolder just creates a big mess. 
>      However, by far the most common use case is just to remove an item
>      from the menu and this can be done with a simple on/off toggle.

I've released gnome-menu-editor 0.1 [1]. Don't expect anything except a
mockup according to Calum's UI proposals. It aims to be a starting point
for further development. Besides, I've been told that software needs to
be released before being CVS imported which is definitly my primary
target to attract talented hackers :).



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