Re: what's going on with menus?

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 20:16, Christian Neumair wrote:

> Do you like it? Should we reintroduce the "Menus" label although there
> is a "Main Menu" row?

Hmm, probably, it looks kind of odd as it is, and if you've scrolled the
list far enough downwards you might not see the first row anyway.  Plus
the label gives us the chance to add a mnemonic, which will keep Bill &
co happy :)

> What about renaming the applications label to
> something more verbose like: "Applications in TestMenu #1 and TestMenu
> #5:"? Of course, it would adapt to "All applications:" when needed.

I dunno if that's really necessary... I think this is a sufficiently
common type of dialog now that users will know that the selection on the
left filters what they see on the right.

Looks pretty good to me, though-- although, like I said, this is
probably the absolute simplest solution.  Should we consider allowing
users to add/remove their own custom menus/items from here too, or is
that too big a can of worms to open right now? :)


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