Re: proposed gnome-common changes

Hi James,

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 04:46, James Henstridge wrote:

> Here is a short summary of the changes:
>     * removes gnome-deprecated-macros.m4 and curses.m4 since they were
>       unused. (the last 4 uses of the deprecated, useless
>       GNOME_PLATFORM_GNOME_2 macro were in a few of the accessibility
>       modules, and have now been fixed).
>     * Install the remaining macros directly in $(datadir)/aclocal
>     * Install the gnome2 autogen script as $(bindir)/
>       (before hand, this was a script that would decide whether to call
>       the gnome1 or gnome2 autogen script based on the USE_GNOME2_MACROS
>       environment variable).

	Sounds great to me ...

>     * Fix up GNOME_COMMON_INIT() so that it just AC_SUBST()'s
>       ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS to '${ACLOCAL_FLAGS}'.  This makes sure that
>       aclocal will be called with ${ACLOCAL_FLAGS} as arguments during
>       rebuilds (which the old version was not guaranteeing).

	Cool, it wouldn't be a bad idea to remove this hack from every modules as well then :-)


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