taking back the list

	I've started rejecting mails from non-subscribers to the "What were you
thinking" thread.

	Next step is to put anyone who posts to the thread, and who isn't an
obvious GNOME contributor[1], on moderation.

	I'm also planning on doing this more generally - anybody who is
consistently contributing more noise on this list than actual
contributions to GNOME will be put on moderation.

	Its sad to have to do this. Social pressure should be the way to sort
this out, but its failing miserably. I'm hoping this will work well
enough so that we won't be forced to retreat to a developer-only list.

	So - unless you're contributing to GNOME in real terms, please think
carefully about how useful your posts to this list are to GNOME's
development. Think carefully about whether another mailing list would be
more appropriate. Think carefully about the amount of noise you are
generating and how much harder you are making it for developers[2] to
communicated effectively.


[1] - Mails to this list does not count as a contribution.
[2] - I'm only using the word "developer" because I've use the word
      "contributor" in this mail so many times already. I'm using the
      very loose definition of "developer", not the "writes code"

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