Re: Locked and Unlocked items in the panel.

Dominic Howells wrote:

I see that in the latest Gnome, applets/buttons in the panel(s) can be
locked which stops them from being moved or removed. Although this
probably does stop some problems associated with clumsy-fingered users,
it doubtless causes some too as users don't know why "Remove" is
greyed-out, and don't know what Unlock means in this context.

Why is Remove inactive, anyway? Lock/Unlock, to my understanding, is mainly to prevent the applet from moving (either due to an accidental click, or while dragging other applets). To Remove an applet, you need to right-click and select Remove; there isn't much chance for accidentally performing that operation.

Perhaps Remove should always be active, and Lock/Unlock should be renamed to Lock Position/Unlock Position?

	- Vlad

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