Re: Introducing Muine, Rhythmbox in 2.8 and other things

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 09:01:40PM -0400, Mike Chavoustie wrote:
> Shaun ONeil wrote:
> >A big blank playlist was a little odd to be greeted with.  Is there any
> >way this could contain 'what next' information when it's not populated.
> >ie "your playlist and library are both empty .. you might wanna _Import
> >Folder_".  I'm not sure if this is a plus or a minus on usability, but
> >some kind of hint somewhere would be nice imho.
> I agree here.  Even after importing a folder, your playlist remains 
> blank.  There's no status bar or confirmation that n songs were imported 
> , so that means I have to go set up a playlist.  Maybe a "what next" 
> dialog would help, but is that really standard?

Maybe this should change depending on what you are doing at the time?  I
think that if you import while your playlist is not empty, your playlist
iis untouched, and playing is not interrupted.  If you import while your
playlist is empty (or if there is nothing currently playing?) then the
playlist is populated with the latest songs imported and the first one
starts playing (maybe?).

Just a thought.

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