Re: Information about the gnome-2-6 string freeze

Christian Neumair wrote:

On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 21:19 +0200, Christian Rose wrote:
There seems to be some common misunderstandings about the string freeze
in GNOME 2.6 code.

The string freeze doesn't mean it's entirely impossible to mark a few
strings for translation, or even add or change a few strings, when
fixing bugs in the stable branch.
It just means that there is a need to *get approval* first to do so. How
to get approval is described on the

People seem to consider the steps required to get approval a hazzle and
prefer to not commit these changes to stable branches.
Maybe bugzilla integration could be improved by having a standardized
way to get approval for a patch, maybe additional states like "requires
approval", "approved (1 of 2)" and "approved (2 of 2)".
Just some random thoughts.
Bugzilla 2.17 has support for this sort of thing. You can define a set of flags for bugs in a particular product, then people can set the flag to "?" on bugs. The flag may then be set to "-" or "+" by the person doing the review.

If you are responsible for doing reviews, you can get a list of all the pending requests waiting for you.

This would fit pretty well for Gnome's "string change approval" and "API change approval" needs. Given that the feature exists in the newer bugzilla, it is probably better to focus on upgrading bugzilla rather than hacking the feature into the 2.16 code.

(and the 2.16 -> 2.17 change should be a lot easier than 2.8 -> 2.16 ...)


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