Re: [Muine] Re: Introducing Muine, Rhythmbox in 2.8 and other things


On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 23:10 +0200, Ronald Bultje wrote:
> Hi Jorn,
> On Fri, 7 May 2004, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> > Muine currently defaults to using a xine-lib backend. Using GStreamer
> > would be a lot nicer obviously, but there currently are a couple of
> > issues preventing it from being used succesfully in Muine. Details can
> > be found on this page:
> >
> "Seeking mp3 streams is unreliable, sometimes instead of seeking to the
> specified position it skips back to the beginning of the stream, or it
> seeks backwards a few seconds. This happens on both fixed and variable
> bitrate mp3s. It is not hard to reproduce- I can offer test files if
> needed."
> Please file one or two on bugzilla. I haven't seen this before, and will
> help to fix it.

After some more research it turned out the problem is slighty different;
GstPlay's time_tick event does not return the right time after seeking
an mp3 file. See:

> "Changing streams is relatively slow, it usually takes ~ 1 second, whereas
> this is more or less instant using xine-lib. This has a major impact on
> the user experience."
> If you want to know a possible way to fix this: you would basically need
> to "queue up" the next/previous song to prevent this. The GStreamer model
> focusses on playback of a single media stream. Playlists are basically on
> the border of GStreamer's core scope, probably right outside it. Queueing
> up means that you already create a pipeline element (or whatever
> descendant of that you use in Muine) of another song, if possible with a
> queue between the decoder (or the autoplugger) and the audio sink element.
> Set the left part (before the queue) to playing, and possibly wait for the
> 'full' signal on the queue. Then set back to pause (saves CPU cycles). Set
> back to playing if you change songs. Now, the transition will be instant.

Unfortunately I can't predict what song the user is going to play next-
any song can be chosen to be played at any time ..

This is very useful though for implementing gapless transition to the
next song.

> It probably sounds hackish. Sorry for that. I don't think there's an easy
> solution. Autoplugging just isn't fast enough yet... :-(.

K ..

> (I'd try out Muine if mono wouldn't require an incredible amount of
> diskspace; my laptop HD is full... :-(. The screenshots of Muine look
> really cool, though.)



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