Re: gnome-panel transparency problems

hi :)

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 09:35:13PM +0200, Mikael Carneholm wrote:
> (example for 8-bit color depth)
> if the average RGB value < 128
>    draw text in white
> else
>    draw text in black
> There are two possible approaches:
> 1) check per-applet
> 2) check per-character

Approach 2 could look very ugly, it's hard to read text when the
color changes inbetween words.

But there's another way to make text readable when the background is

	draw an outline

you could take the standard theme forground color to draw the text,
and draw an outline around that text.
If the foreground color is dark, draw a white outline.
Otherwise, draw a black outline.
That way, the text is always visible and you don't have to worry about
your background.

Of course, drawing an outline is expensive.
Perhaps a drop shadow is enough.

Martin Waitz

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