2.8 new modules (Re: 2.7.1 tarballs reminder: May 10th)

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 13:45 +0000, Murray Cumming wrote:
> As per the schedule
> ( http://www.gnome.org/start/2.7/ )
> the first GNOME 2.7.x tarballs are due soon, on May 10th.

Please note that we'd really like to see 2.7.x tarballs for the proposed
new modules too, on the scheduled dates. That helps us know that they
can follow the schedule.

More importantly, we'd like to see new modules maintainers work with the
various subteams such as usability/ui-review, internationalization,
accessibility, documentation, and maybe the bugsquad. Don't wait for
these guys to complain at the last minute - go to them and find out what
they need and how you can help each other.

There are no freezes before the new-modules decision on July 19th
( http://www.gnome.org/start/2.7/#API_Freeze )
but you'll need to be ready for all the freezes on the schedule. The
subteams can help you with that.

This is all part of making new-modules self-selecting and involved, so
that we don't have to make such difficult decisions. It's lazy, but it's
Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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