Re: Guadec, costs and speaker list?

I totally agree with many of the issues here. But before this gets
going... *cough*foundation-list*cough* :)

Luis 'list asshole' Villa

On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 19:53 +0200, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> Hi,
> I might have missed this information (if I have could someone point me
> there). 
> Howcome Guadec costs money this year? Are these money for the speakers,
> or don't we get enough from the sponsors to run the conference? I think
> it would be a good thing to send a public announcement about this
> change.
> The other question is, do we have a list of speakers yet? I can't find
> it on the site. It's probably hard to motivate companies to send
> employees there if they don't know what they are paying for?
> Best Regards,
>   Mikael Hallendal
> -- 
> Imendio HB,

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