Re: gnome-terminal madness

Havoc Pennington wrote:
On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 20:18, Duraid Madina wrote:
        About the only visible
        difference is that the gnome-terminal scrollbar has a "jellybean" widget whereas
        rxvt has a simpler 2D scrollbar. (We're not completely redrawing the scrollbar
        once per line scroll, are we?)
You should certainly profile with the default gtk theme, not an
expensive pixmap theme. Otherwise you're profiling the theme, not the
terminal. And definitely don't profile with a transparent terminal or
something like that.

Of course, the terminal wasn't transparent. But moving to the default GTK theme improved things by 50-100%, so now we can approach 1/3 the speed of rxvt-unicode in certain cases. ;)

Still, _why_ are we redrawing the scrollbar? It gets to its minimum size and sits there, unless I scroll it.

The problem here is that your profiler doesn't seem to show call graphs;
if it did you could quickly tell if those pixbuf calls were from the
theme drawing or what.

Yes, sorry about that. I have a pretty weird setup. Surely someone else has profiled vte before? Nevertheless, looks like those pixbuf calls were from theme drawing. All gone now - please look at the updated profiles attached to 137864


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