Re: Preferences, System Tools

> > I would assume those come from the active language/locale yes. Not sure
> > we need "English messages and French number format" in the GUI.
I thinks in this point we need EVERYTHING Windows allow to specify. Not
only number format - everything (if not more:) Every LC_* is important.
Sure, number formats matter - I always switch decimal separator from '.'
to '.'. Also, a lot of people change the list separator from russian
locale to US one. Also, I also changed the currency sign to EURO (even
keeping the Russian UI!). And so on and so forth. Speaking with Russian
Linux users I found there so many combinations of LC_* which are
actually used - it would be very incorrect to hide them. At least they
should be somewhere in gconf - but personally I think they should be in
UI as well.

Probably it is worth considering some poll on - asking
_international_ users about options they actually use (I believe for
Americans and British this does not matter at all - so we should not ask



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