Re: PROPOSAL: GNOME Nettool for GNOME 2.8

Il mar, 2004-06-01 alle 18:14, Rodrigo Moya ha scritto:
> Hi
> We would like to propose GNOME Nettool for inclusion in the GNOME 2.8
> desktop release.

IMHO this is a Very Good (R) idea. An useful tool.

But personally I like some UI changes. In fact I suppose the current UI
is not so HIG-compliant. For example, if I remember well HIG:
     1. don't use notebook for more the 6 tabs; use instead a list on
        the left (but if you want use notebook at least remove
        accelerator from tab's labels)
     2. comboboxes miss a label+accelerator on their left and
        suggestions about the use should appear as GtkTooptip 
        (and switch to new ComboBox and ComboBoxEntry widget)
     3. spacing
     4. limited/unlimited pings setting's controls

Plus, there is space for improvements. For example:
      * using the list suggested in previous point 1, you can use a bold
        or italic font to empathize the running tools
      * Add a toolbar with "Run <Separator> Stop" buttons and remove
        button in each pane
      * Eventually add a statusbar+progressbar in activity mode when
        running [1]
      * Rearrange the Tool menu [2]

I can design a glade file. Is gnome-nettool already on bugzilla?

> GNOME Nettool is an application that provides GUI access to many
> networking command line tools, like ping, traceroute, netstat, finger,
> whois, ifconfig. It was originally based on the similar tool that is
> available in Mac OS X, but has since been greatly improved and is now a
> much better tool than the one from Apple.

BTW could you point to some shots of this OS X tool? Thanks.

> It is available as the "gnome-nettool" module in CVS, and tarball
> releases are available at
> (it was called
> gnome-netinfo before, and have changed the name since then, but we
> haven't made any release with the new name. Will do that this week, once
> we settle up some missing things for the new release)

[1] End eventually add a 

View +
     +--> v Toolbar
     +--> v Statusbar


Tools +
      +-> Select +
      |          |
      |          +--> * Device
      |          +-->   Ping
      |          +-->   ...
      +--> Run (Ctrl+Enter)
      +--> Stop (Escape)
      +--> Close

> cheers
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