Re: Industrial as default theme?

Il gio, 2004-06-03 alle 18:09, Jeff Waugh ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> Hey - today's the day for raising potentially controversial stuff! Yaaay! We
> love controversy! GIVE ME A "C"! GIVE ME AN "O"! Okay, alright, I'm over it.

BTW is desktop-devel-list the proper place for those *cough* flames
*cough* ?


> Today, I asked some of the Ximians whether it would be appropriate to ship
> Industrial with GNOME, potentially as the default theme (because we all know
> GNOME needs a better default theme)... It sounds as if this might be doable.
> So, if this were confirmed, with Industrial proposed for inclusion in 2.8,
> how about we make the switch? :-)

Great idea. Three good reasons for me:
      * GNOME 'needs' a facelift for market: we are using the same
        default theme from 3 releases.
      * Industrial is a really complete and fresh GTK+ theme.
      * Industrial is very similar to KDE's Plastik [1]

But actually there are some issues:
      * Ximian_Industrial is so white!
      * The 'hardcoded' shadow for buttons

About this second issue: apply Ximian_Industrial or
gnome-themes-extra_Gorilla theme, then open, for example, the Keyboard
Preferences Tool. Take a look to GtkNotebook vertical border and buttons
borders. They aren't aligned :-( Now switch back to one theme in
gnome-themes package (Simple or Traditional or whatever). Ta-da! Borders
are now aligned.

Please note that this (theme engine) feature is not a secondary issue.
The button's shadow is inside the space reserved for each GtkButton
widget, 'cause the industrial-engine manage it: so the alignment will be
nuked in every window. I don't think HIG will appreciate it :-)

IMHO the button's shadow should be removed from Industrial, waiting for
a GTK+ global ability to add a shadow to a widget, in a
composting/layers way. The toolkit draws the window 'basement' in the
bottom layer, its widget in the top layer, and eventually draws the
shadow for 3d-like widgets (buttons, notebook, combobox...) in a middle

BTW could be a good idea provide the same theme (settings) in different
color schemes, such as Bluecurve in redhat-artwork package, of course
only as theme options for controls in Theme Details dialog

[1] Maybe an Industrial-Plastic theme option using the same default
original Plastik colors?

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