Re: "Main Menu" layout

> So, why is it that the Main Menu layout is total bollocks, and all the
> distros patch it, but no one fixes it upstream? I don't understand. :-)

/because/ the distros all patch it? ;)

> Also, can we nuke the distribution-specific menu now?

My 0.02 on this is that it's valuable.  I can't speak for other distros,
not used nay of them in a long time, but on SuSE, the distro menu
contains a whole raft of apps that are not GNOME apps, and don't place
.desktop files in $gnomeprefix/share/applications.

When someone buys/downloads a distro, I guess they expect (especially if
they're GUI-oriented rather than CLI-oriented) to be able to have access
from the menu of whichever desktop they use to the applications that
that distro packages.
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