gedit string freeze breakage

There has recently been an unannounced string freeze breakage in the
string frozen gedit gnome-2-6 branch.

This is the message:

        #: gedit/dialogs/gedit-close-confirmation-dialog.c:152
        msgid "Question"

This is the commit log entry:

        revision 1.4
        date: 2004/07/12 08:56:32;  author: pborelli;  state: Exp;  lines: +4 -2
        2004-07-10  Muktha  <muktha narayan wipro com>
        * dialogs/gedit-close-confirmation-dialog.c
        (gedit_close_confirmation_dialog_init): Set accessible name for
        the confirmation dialog. Fixes #144863.

The ChangeLog refers to
but no approval had been given for this change.

The string freeze is still in effect for GNOME 2.6 software, which means
that prior announcement and approval of string changes and string
additions is still needed. The details for how to do this are described

Still, the patch look like it's useful and needed, so offhand I'm not
requesting it be reverted. I don't know Kjartan's opinion though.

Anyway, committing string additions and string changes in the stable
branch without warning the translation mailing list and awaiting
approval is bad style IMO.


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