RE: Proto initial GNOME 2.6 new modules decision

> Please request a freeze break in future:
OK. Thanks for the link. I will keep it in mind.

> Obviously we don't like API changes even in Desktop modules, because they
> require recompiles of the GNOME modules that need them - gnome-applets in
> this case, I think.
And g-c-c as well, as I wrote. Actually, the change mostly affected

> the next release schedule to make other changes. In contrast, GNOME Platform
> modules can not change their API ever - they can only add API.
It is so great to feel I am not in the GNOME Plafform list:)

I understand the importance of stable APIs/ABIs. And I do my best to
keep them. But the life outside XFree is soo diverse:)

Thanks for understanding my reasons. Well, I will fight to keep the API
frozen till 2.6 - and on these terms we could consider libxklavier
included into GNOME.


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