Re: Weird Panel Behavior

Am Mi, den 14.01.2004 schrieb Glen M. Baker um 01:44:
> Whenever I log out and back in, the menu panel appears at the bottom of
> the screen and is medium size, the custom panel appears at the top and
> is small. The only way I can fix it is to delete the menu panel (can't
> move it for some reason). At this point if I resize the custom panel it
> suddenly appears back at the bottom of the screen (without me moving
> it!) and then I can re-create my menu panel at the top.

When an application opens several windows before metacity starts,
metacity sometimes gets confused and swaps the places of the windows
when trying to recreate the window positions from the previous session,
i.e. the wrong windows at the right positions.
I have seen this a couple of times (but not yet with panels).

If your WM is metacity, then maybe the weird behavior is metacity's

Bye, Martin

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