GNOME Language handling


Here you have the procedure we will follow with the new localization
gnome control center capplet to handle your desktop locale collaborating
with GDM (It comes from a meeting with Jonathan and George last week).

It's simple:

You will need to restart your session to get the capplet changes
The GDM language will be used only when you select it explicitly but it
will not be saved between sessions, if you want it as a permanent
change, just use the localization capplet. (The save to disk option from
GDM will be there, but for non GNOME sessions).

Of course, the new capplet could be out from GNOME 2.6 because it's not
finished, therefore this behavior will be valid only if the capplets
it's ready in time.

Until the libicu dependency is removed, you should use the
--enable-localization-capplet arg to activate its compilation.

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