Re: PPP Dial up tool

On Tue, 2004-01-06 at 08:04, Dmitry Koval wrote:
> Create an additional url for Nautilus like "connections://"
> where all the management of connections should take place.
> So I think all of the functionality should be implemented as a part
> Nautilus.

This is undesirable behaviour, connections:/// isn't a file system so
should not be implemented as one.

> And since one application does all the work we can use notification area
> for controlling active connection.

I'd say that this is a bad idea. The notification area doesn't always
exist, and if you only show an icon in the notification are when a
connection is available, there is no way of starting one. If you show an
icon in the notification area all of the time, you should look at
creating an applet instead.

I'd say that the network connections should all be managed in a
distribution specific manner by g-s-t.  Then the applet should use the
same library to get the list of connections available, and allow the
user to bring up/down any connection. This way it can be used to bring
up ethernet, ppp, VPN (I hope), etc in one fabby small applet.

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