Re: PATCH keyword, again

<quote who="Thomas Vander Stichele">

> > (Personally, I don't even think it makes sense for every module. It's a
> > nice idea, but we should deal with problems as they arise, and
> > maintainers should be the people making the decisions about how to
> > maintain their modules.)
> We already noticed we are, as a group, unable to deal with the problem as
> it arose.  Murray is giving some very good suggestions about how to deal
> with the age-old "PATCH bugs aren't being dealt with", and I think he
> makes a lot of sense there.  Enforcing double maintainership might be
> taking it too far, but yes, there are potential developers being lost
> there by the way PATCH bugs get left in bugzilla.

The mail that Murray replied to included tactics whereby contributors could
get themselves into maintainer's heads and hopefully find themselves in
co-maintainership or trusted contributor positions. It was all about seeing
a mentality change, but that has to come from both maintainers (who would
hopefully encourage it) and contributors (who need to know what works and
how they can help, which was the point of my mail).

We make changes like this by helping contributors and maintainers work
together better, not by making rules. :-) Hopefully, the methods listed in
my mail help on the contributor side. It would be sweet if someone wrote a
similar mail from the other side. :-)

- Jeff

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