Re: Proposed: Rhythmbox

> > Why is gnomemeeting part of the core desktop then?  It is quite difficult
> > to compile, and adds bulk that I think many users at this stage could do
> > without.
> This is increasingly seen as a difficult to support module, as it keeps
> depending on bleeding edge versions of libraries, it was recently pointed

I won't deny that GnomeMeeting is hard to build if you are unexperimented and
depending on the CVS version of OpenH323 is nearly the only way to make it
evolve, sadly. Their API is changing often, very often. However, we are doing
our best to provide packages for openh323 and pwlib and GnomeMeeting for the CVS
versions on Once OpenH323 is installed, GnomeMeeting is
not harder than anything else to build.

> out that it doesn't actually have any documentation (this should have been
> noticed last time), etc. I'm going to raise some of these with Damien. It

There is the 20 pages long FAQ on the website, and a manual is 95% done 
for next release, see

> was added because VoIP and audio/video chat are important applications (and
> a very good bullet point), but I do think that it should be shifted to a
> network or multimedia release in the future.

I see that GnomeMeeting is creating many conflicts inside the GNOME community. 
I agree that 90% of the people do not know what VoIP is, or what it can be
useful to. 

I propose to withdraw GnomeMeeting from the core of GNOME 2.6 and to make it an 
independant application again, or to put it in the Office/Collaborative tools.
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