Re: make metacity theme color editable (not anymore)

I see...
Maybe I should have started from the beginning:

I don't know much about Gnome or GTK+ (I didn't know that one could use
gtkrc on a per application basis :-) , but I know about programming in C
(like I get paid for it) and I have some spare time.
I didn't know about 102547 and friends but I find all of these
Hope you don't mind if I postpone the "color for the desktop" project
and start on these bugs :-)



Le dim 04/01/2004 à 06:15, Havoc Pennington a écrit :
> Hi,
> This may be a harder undertaking than you hoped ;-)
> But I hope you'll work through it.
> First, if you want to change the theme format it's in fact pretty hard;
> we have to change what the theme file is named and add code to try the
> new name and fall back to the old and have the parser complain if new
> features are found in an old file. So if we do that we should really be
> fixing a block of theme format issues at once, to make it worthwhile.
> This bug tracks those issues as dependencies:
> Second, however, I'm unconvinced changing the theme format is the right
> way to do this. Instead, you can simply write a gtkrc that changes the
> gtk colors for metacity only, by only changing colors for the metacity
> window frame widget. Read 
> and then know that the metacity frames have a class, I think it would be
> something like: class "MetaFrames" style "my-metacity-style"
> Third, fitting into that, I would start with a broader-scope vision of
> the UI: changing various desktop colors, not just window borders. If you
> change the window border color using gtkrc, then other widget colors
> will be changed in the same way. So the implementation is common, and I
> would say it makes sense for the UI to be common as well.
> I won't try to guess at what the right UI is, but perhaps a simple
> answer is to add a Colors tab to the Theme Details dialog. It's possible
> though that changing colors is a common enough user task that it should
> be more obvious than that. One way to get ideas is to browse the colors
> dialogs for Windows, Mac, KDE, etc.
> Finally, you probably want to see what the control center maintainers
> think about all this.
> Havoc
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