Re: Translations, GNOME and KDE

On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 18:15, Kenneth Rohde Christiansen wrote:
> I don't know if I am right or not, but it seems like the KDE project is
> promoting it's language support a lot more that the GNOME project.

FYI: Being the maintainer of the first indic script to be supported in
early Gnome which then fell back to (well see the GTP status for 'ta')
whatever it is now...
and from the experience of watching one of the most complete KDE
translations by fellow Tamil teams ...

When strict UTF-8 policy was brought in with Pango KDE did not even
attempt anything like it. I remeber being told to **** off and sort out
UTF-8 support for which I am all thankful :)
KDE even encouraged non standard 8-bit encoding that was used by the
Tamil team and all that was done was to get iconv support for conversion
to UTF-8. Risky business but they achieved their goal.

So they are dynamic in achieving a goal. We are stubbornly precise.
I like our attitude and in fact thankful for it as it taught me a lot to
take back to the community w.r.t UTF-8 adoption.

Hopefully one day Gnome will be written in history books :) for helping
to bring in precise standards and promoting related issues like freedoms
more than mere support for languages. 

Did I tell you Unicode UTF-8 support among Tamil IT communities still

Best regards,


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