Re: Modules that need some intltoolize love...

El vie, 02-01-2004 a las 09:16, Glynn Foster escribió:
> Hey,
> > I just fixed libgnetwork, and AFAIK, what needs to be done is:
> > 
> > 1.) Make sure you're using intltool >= 0.28.
> > 2.) Add intltool-modules/XML/Parser/Style/ to the toplevel
> > 3.) Add intltool-modules to .cvsignore.
> > 
> > It's also documented in intltool/README.
> Hrm, am I the only one that thinks this solution really sucks balls? Is
> there not a cleverer way of doing all of this [this applies to the rest
> of the intltool stuff, as well as omf stuff].

I agree :)

While trying to work out some other stuff in gnome-media, I had a few
thoughts on this as well.  Basically, I think we should do something
sort of like the omf stuff.  My idea is that gnome-common would provide
.make snippets to include from, that would set some

So, if you're using intltoolize, EXTRA_DIST_INTLTOOL and
DISTCLEANFILES_INTLTOOL would be set, and in you would just
add these variables to the respective targets.
So if intltool gets changed somehow in a way that it breaks modules if
they don't change, the change could be put in gnome-common and would
automatically be picked up in a cvs build.

omf sort of works already this way, but it can be fixed up a little so
the actual omf logic is taken from one makefile snippet that can be kept
in sync, and the specific configuration for the module is somewhere

People that think gnome-common sucks balls are then free to copy these
snippets from there and do it that way.  They are also free to keep
shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly.

Anyways, I wouldn't mind spending some time on implementing these ideas,
if people would like this get fixed.


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