Re: gpdf branched (gnome-2-8)

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 01:55 +0100, Martin Kretzschmar wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> Am Sonntag, den 19.12.2004, 19:10 +0100 schrieb Marco Pesenti Gritti: 
> > maybe you could elaborate a bit on what are the development plans for
> > gpdf head?
> I want to switch the backend from gnome-canvas/print-preview to the one
> that xpdf got in version 3.0. That means no antialiasing for strokes,
> but: the same level of font support as xpdf, no problems with gigantic
> embedded bitmaps, no need to debug segfaults in libart, no use of
> private gnome-print apis (*cough*), etc.

Did you see my cairo xpdf backend?

Eventually I'd like to try to get something like that upstream so the
xpdf author can start adding true support for PDF 1.3 transparency.

Its not really finished yet, but it can already display many pdf files,
and its actually faster than the standard xpdf.

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