Re: gpdf branched (gnome-2-8)

Hi Marco,

Am Sonntag, den 19.12.2004, 19:10 +0100 schrieb Marco Pesenti Gritti: 
> maybe you could elaborate a bit on what are the development plans for
> gpdf head?

I want to switch the backend from gnome-canvas/print-preview to the one
that xpdf got in version 3.0. That means no antialiasing for strokes,
but: the same level of font support as xpdf, no problems with gigantic
embedded bitmaps, no need to debug segfaults in libart, no use of
private gnome-print apis (*cough*), etc.

> It would be interesting, for example, to know if features
> like text search and clipboard support are planned for this cycle.

Yes, that's planned too, but as you can see here:
clipboard support was already on the "plan" for 2.8, and it wasn't

And there's someone who wants me to fix 2-pages-on-1 printing. And he
knows where I live.


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