Re: gnome-vfs build issue

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 21:57 +0000, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:

>   Why not simply making it a policy that only patches that compile
> without any warnings are accepted?

That is definitely the policy; but the point is that it saves time to
not have to apply their patch and discover it violates the policy, send
it back, tell them how to enable warnings, and wait for the next

>   I see.  So you want to coerce users to submit bug reports, even though
> they would rather ignore these warnings. 

Ignoring these kinds of warnings will lead to crashes and data

>  I understand you, but I
> disagree.  Bug reporting should be voluntary.  You shouldn't annoy
> developers just to make them report bugs.

It is still voluntary; just pass --enable-more-warnings=no.  Note that
tarball builds default to off as well.

But speaking more generally, I can imagine better solutions than
defaulting to -Werror, they're just not implemented yet:

For example, for the first point, it would be nice if we had a
formalized means of submitting a patch against a project; then an
automated process would try applying the patch, compiling with various
warnings enabled, running test suites, etc., and would reject the patch
if it failed, completely automatically.  A start at this could be
grabbing patches from Bugzilla and requiring people to specify e.g. "CVS
HEAD" in the comment.

For the second point, what we really need is test machines on various
architectures (particularly 64-bit) and operating systems besides just
the single tinderbox.  This ties in with the automated patch testing

But for now, just defaulting to -Werror is a crude approximation to
these things.  All I'm really saying is that it's fine to argue it
shouldn't be the default, but we need to have *some* means of finding
these bugs.  And for sure, the warnings have helped find real bugs.

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